Sunday, July 14, 2013


Jesus says: "I have promised, My brothers and sisters, to be with you until the end of time as you now know it."
"Through this consecration My grace will surround you and uphold you, both in good times and in bad. Every difficulty will gain merit through your surrender to Divine Love. Your families will be united if they respond to the grace I offer. And you, My brothers and sisters, will share the victory of Our United Hearts, both on earth and in Heaven, when you respond to this grace." 
"Sacred and United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, You are one in purpose as You desire the salvation, holiness, and sanctity of each soul. We consecrate our family to You seeking Your victory both in our hearts and in the world. We acknowledge the perfection of Your mercy in the past, the abundance of Your provision in the future, and the supreme sovereignty of the Father's Divine Will in this present moment. We desire to be part of Your triumphant reign beginning in this present moment through our 'yes' to Holy and Divine Love. We wish, with the help of Your grace, to live out this consecration through every future moment. Thus we will be united in triumph with You, dear United Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Amen." 

Marriage Consecration 
Holy and Sacred United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, we consecrate our marriage to You today in this present moment. Through this consecration, we will dedicate our hearts to Your victory. United in You we seek Your protection and provision. Increase our love for You and for each other with every breath we take. Regally clothe our hearts in the Divine Will of the Eternal Father. Help us to increase in holiness in and through Your United Hearts.  Amen.
"Propagate this consecration. It carries with it many graces. It will strengthen the soul of marriages gone stale. It will increase fervor in hearts. It will convert the unconverted who consents to pray it." 

Consecration of the Heart of the Country to the United Hearts
"Heavenly Father, in this present moment, which You have created and willed, I, ____________, (name ) do hereby consecrate the heart of this country, ____________ (name) to the United Hearts of the Holy Trinity in union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary."

"If enough accomplish this and answer My request, you will gradually see governments change their policies, and finally, the heart of the world will return to innocence." 

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque gives a Consecration of Heart for Children  It can serve as a Consecration of children to the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary." 

"Dear United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, I love You very much.
I want to give You this present moment and all the future moments of my life.                                   I always want to please You. I give You my heart today
and always, and pray You will unite it to Your United Hearts."
"Place in my heart, dear Jesus and Mary, the desire to help sinners turn to You. Amen."
"Propagate it among the young."

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